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Big Thanks to Kari-Tek

I wanted to use take this opportunity to thank the great folks at Kari-Tek, makers of the Kari-Tek skeg system for helping me out.  On the very first night of the Atlantic trip I bent my current Kari-Tek skeg.  With some doctoring and funky fixes I have been able to keep it somewhat functioning.  While I am perfectly capable of paddling with it not functioning, on an expedition like this, it is just paramount to have it working. Paddling a fully loaded expedition boat in wide ranging ocean conditions day on and day out without a functioning skeg is a true test of patience and perseverance.  I am happy that I wil have a fully functioning one very shortly.

I contacted the folks at Kari-Tek last week, explained what I was doing and what had happened and they have forwarded a replacement part to Sea Kayak Georgia, where I will be in just a couple of days.  I am honored to be using their skeg system on my Nigel Dennis Explorer and look forward to getting everything fully functioning again.

Thanks Kari-Tek!!