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Life on the River

Fishermen head home for the evening

The Odyssey has now transitioned from the stormy keys, through the urban sprawl of south Florida ocean front and into the tranquil scenery of the Intercoastal Waterway rivers. The wind has faded and the temperatures are warming up, days are getting longer and the seas are calm.

The wildlife back in the rivers has been nothing short of amazing. Each day I am greeted with a display of Ospreys, Gulls, Herons, Egrets, Dolphins, Terns, and other assorted wildlife.

Approaching Georgia, the river has begun to take on a more winding route. Once almost perfectly strait, it now wins through estuaries and grass flats. The shoreline Palm trees have been replaced by large Live Oaks covered with Spanish moss, surrounded on the ground by palmetto bushes.

These different environments are all part of what makes Florida such a unique and beautiful state. It is also why a continued effort must be made to protect not only these waterways but also the most amazing of them all, the Everglades National Park.