Glenn Charles


Photographer/Videographer specializing in Life Style, Travel, and Aerial Imagery.  FAA 107 Certified for sUAS flight operations throughout the US.  Fully insured.  Videography work is limited to Aerial productions.

Based in Maine (May-December) and SWFL (Jan - April). Available for travel year round.


As some of you may know, my battle with Cape Lookout several days ago did not go exactly as planned.  A brief flyover by the US Coast Guard coupled with some self rescues, resulted in my bowing to the sea and going back on the inside.  The battle, while fun and challenging, resulted in some serious inflammation of my already sore arm.  In some serious pain, I am now taking a few days off to recover, which given the Gale warnings this morning (from the North), is probably not such a bad idea.

I will do  some house cleaning and resting, especially now that the boat is completely repaired.  I will however need to find a place to replace the items lost at sea.  I am sure as I progress up the coast that should not be an issue.  In the meantime I continue to meet amazing people, whose kindess, generosity, and friendship keep me going and fuely my passion for this journey.