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Down East Adventure get together - October 2015

Here is where I will begin providing details about my 2015 Down East Adventure get together.  This will be a celebration of bikes, photography, beer, wine, whiskey and friendship.  The event will be hosted at Cohills Inn where Ellen and I will donate lodging to all participants.  I will begin posting details after I return from Alaska.  My tentative thought is the first or second week of October.  The event will span 3 days, 4 nights and be most conducive to something like a Fargo, Warbird, Routt 45 or similar, not that you can't do it with whatever bike you please.  For that matter, bring several bikes and enjoy the great Fatbike exploration along the coast.. Oh so much to do..

If you are interested in being kept in the loop, shoot me an email at and get me your contact info.  I will update this page accordingly.

In brief summary:

  • 3 days, 4 nights
  • Lodging will be provided by us, you pay for housekeeping and staff tips, and a food/beverage stipened
  • Bring your partner if you like
  • Bring your bike(s) and camera(s)
  • Be prepared to take it all in


What can you expect: