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Fixed Gear, 1x9, What to do?

As I prepare for my upcoming trip I am torn with the idea of running the route with a 1x9 setup.  Since I plan on going ultra-light, I don't know that I need the big gears, so a 32T 11x34 would give me a fighting chance (84.4 high, 27 low) on the low end.  Not quite the same as a 24T x 34 (63 High, 20 Low) granny setup, but pretty close.  Then, since I am prone to thinking of things way to much, I thought, wow, could you do the trip with a single speed? I am guessing the answer is yes, but it would be painful going through those mountain passes out west on a on a SS.  I have been doing a bit research to see if it has been done before, but the jury is still out.  I did find a guy that did the Great Divide MBR on a fixie and I think he made it.  Wow, that must have been epic.

Still, 7,000 miles around North America on a SS, now that would be so very Wabi Sabi!

Chime in, your thoughts and opinions are welcome!