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16 Miles in my crocs

Training in Crocs, so Wabi SabiTraining continues on a borrowed Specialized Crosstrail 29er with fat tires.  I got in a good 16 miles today, first 8 with a tail wind which meant you know what... Yes, that is correct, a head wind on the return 8 miles.  Ouch, it served to remind me of what 60 mile days into a head wind are going to be like.  I continue to ride in my used Crocs, bare feat, gloveless hands, and my trusty Arc'teryx knickers.  Hopefully in the not too distant future I will find a donor of a pair of off road riding shoes, size 8.5 or 41.5 Euro.  I really miss my old Sidi Dominators of days gone by; they were such great shoes.

Specialized Crosstrail 29er - BorrowedTomorrow I get to test ride a Fargo, finally!!  I sure hope the hype I have read and built up in my head about this bike turns out to be true.  If nothing else, I will at least get the size nailed down, and who knows, possibly walk away with one.