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The Simple Things

Today was a fantastic day because of the wonderfully simple things that transpired. First I slept on pine needles instead of sand. Then I got a beautiful sunrise followed by wonderful south winds and warm temperatures. Next I finally managed a shower and a shave after way too many weeks..... At the same time, I got my cell phone, my Brunton battery, my laptop, and my shuffle all charged!! Once again, a first in many weeks.

Next I managed to acquire Pringles, Oreo cookies, and Snicker bars. That then made my normal lunch of Peanut Butter, Tortilla, and Honey a feast as I added the Pringles and Oreos. Since I was on such a roll, I caught the tide and more south winds and finished the day on a nice sandy beach with new friends and a Snickers bar for desert.

Life is good when all you need are the simple things.....