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Eastern Point Yacht Club

I wanted to say thanks to the good people at EPYC for their kindness yesterday. I was in new of water and electronics recharging and they kindly helped out. I got to hang out in the youth sailing club house and answer all their great questions. They seemed most interested in where I slept, what I ate, and what do I do when bad weather comes in.

I told them that each night I sleep on a beach in my Black Diamond Bivy. That I eat lots of Jiff Peanut Butter and Quaker Oats. When storms come through I try and get off the water quickly, but sometimes I have to Paddle in challenging conditions. I also told them that I had not seen my family in a while and that I do miss them dearly.

I hope that my journey and my story can be an inspiration to them. Life lived fully and simply is such a beautiful thing.