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Day 10

Late update because my cell phone ran out of power. The day was anothergray, drizzly, and cold day. I had to turn on the tunes, some Taylor Swift,Tracy Chapman, and Keith Urban in order to make it through the day.

The Tracy Chapman songs from the late 80's are definitely haunting. Theissues that she so passionately sings about more than two decades ago seemas relevant today as they were back then.

Late in the day the skies began to clear and I saw the brief outline of thesun for the first tome in 3 days. Of course the clearing skies don't bodewell for the night time temps.

As I make camp along the highway, tucked back into the woods, I can alreadyfeel the winds freshening and the temps dropping. I have a nice littlepiece of forest carved out. Surrounded by pines on three sides and pastureland on the fourth, the site is perfect other than the wizzing sound of carsand trucks cruising by less than 40 yards away.

The crescent moon is shining down through the tops of the pines. It casts awarm glow over what I am now certain is going to be a very cold night. Istand and rest against one of the pines that is gently swaying from thewind. I think to myself, wow, what a beautiful day it has been. I smile,say my thanks and go tuck myself in for some much needed rest.

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