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Day 14

I wanted a rest day but did not get it. Slogged my way for about 50miles. I just could not get comfortable on the bike and just abouteverything aches. I need to find some place where I can take a hole dayoff. I am not sure why this is so difficult but it is.

I ran into fellow cyclist Anthony Munoz today, late in the evening. Anthonyset out from LA almost 5 months ago. In his words he has been exploring.His bike had 4 full paniers, with gray on his rack, a fairly good sizehandlebar bag, a BlackBerry clipped to his jacket and a guitar on his back.Wow, dude, that is a lot if stuff :-). He looked in good spirits and wastrying to make it to Daughin island, a mere 35 miles away. This encounterwas at about 4:30

It was warmer today which helped mitigate some of the misery I was feeling.

Off to bed under a beautiful moon tucked under some lovely pines.Sent from my Windows Phone