Glenn Charles


Photographer/Videographer specializing in Life Style, Travel, and Aerial Imagery.  FAA 107 Certified for sUAS flight operations throughout the US.  Fully insured.  Videography work is limited to Aerial productions.

Based in Maine (May-December) and SWFL (Jan - April). Available for travel year round.

Day 15

The rolling hills of Mississippi are quite beautiful with the roads themselves leaving something to be desired.  My big discovery today was that Dollar General stores actually carry 95% of the food I shop for, and thy carry it at a discounted price.  This was very exciting news to me.

The weather has turned slightly upbeat at least on the temperature side.  I was actually able to eliminate my tights and one of my upper layers which made for  much more enjoyable riding. The day time temps reached 61 and the night time only got down to 44, a far cry from the 19 degree low a few days ago.

I made it to one of the USFS camps and now have a nice place to relax and take a rest day.  It is a lovely spot with a fresh water lake, hiking trails and green forest.  The sounds of hound dogs outweigh the sounds of birds, but that seems to be a small price to pay.

The only negative news is the failing, once again, of my bottom bracket.  I have Surly Whirlybird cranks, which I love, but the BB has developed about 3mm of lateral play.  This is a brand new BB that was replaced by my LBS a few weeks before I departed. I fear that this play is going to destroy the bearings in a similar way as before.  This may all lead me down the path of expediting the move to at least a 1x8 or 1x9 geared setup. 

In a perfect world I would just switch over to a 2x10 setup but doing so will require replacing the rear wheel, along with adding all of the shifting components....  Who knows, I do pass a lot of scrap yards so it is possible I may be able to scavenge some of the bits and pieces.