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Day 25

Second day in Texas was fairly uneventful. I have detoured up US 69 andwhile it has a good size shoulder , the road is very busy. Lots of highspeed semis and pickups, makes for a bit of a nerve racking peddle.

I had nice weather and thus squeezed in about 64 miles. I managed to find agreat campsite tucked back into the woods. As soon as the sun set thetemperature dropped into the low 30s and the stars were beautiful.

Today the winner of the 'What did we see most on the side of the road game',was.... Banana peals. Don't ask me why, but suddenly there are a ton ofpeals lying on the road, some fresh, some not so fresh. Now I know I amcontributing to this situation, but I am not counting my own peals. Whoknows why, I am just telling it like I see it.Sent from my Windows Phone