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Day One

Here I sit 60 .miles into my bike around America tour. The day wentalmost perfect with only a slight bobble in the beginning. Six miles in Ideveloped an issue with my crank. Luckily there was a great shop right onthe way that had me going in no time.

The weather was perfect and I made good time, 60 miles in five hours. Notbad for a single speed towing a trailer with way too much stuff in it. Thatwill be my big task over the next couple of days; figure out what toeliminate.

Lunch was my normal pb and honey with cliff bars as snacks. Dinner waspasta, quinoa , olive oil and avacado. I am stuffed, tired and soon to besore.

In other words I could not be happier. Tomorrow should be a hard day sinceI need to cover the same distance but this time with a sore set of legs.

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