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Day 27

Today was a very short one. I woke, had breakfast and hit the road withmoderate temperatures and sunny skies. While I had a great camp site, I hadthe misfortune of choosing one at the bottom of a hill. This meant thestart of my day was a long extended climb. This is definitely something tobe avoided at all costs in the future.

A few more hills and I entered the town of Rusk Texas. There sat a coffeeshop and I was done for the day. Family came and picked me up fir what willbe a 3-5 day rest, largely depending on the weather

It has been a great month of biking and the Salsa Fargo has done awesome. Iam also really glad that I chose the BOB trailer, it has been great.

While I have managed ok with the single speed, I must admit that I amlooking forward to a few more options going up hills. Strangely however, Iam not excited about adding a level of complexity to the bike. Youdefinitely can't beat the simplicity of a single speed.

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