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Day 6

Beautiful country in north Florida. The route goes through some reallynice small towns where it is easy to meet locals and learn about the area.

I managed to meet several nice folks at the end of the day and got not onlysome great company buy also a hit shower, warm meal, and a safe place tocamp. My host Michael is actually going to do a modified ACA route thissummer as he bikes solo from North Florida to the upper peninsula ofMichigan.

His mode of transport is an immaculate Seven titanium road bike. This thingis so clean you could eat off of it. Michael does recognize that he willhave to learn to live with a slightly dirtier bike once he goes out ontour. Like me, he will be towing a BOB trailer and camping most of theway.

The winds today were directly out of the west making it an extremelydifficult day. Tomorrow should be a bit warmer and calmer as I look for aplace to take a day off. The combination of wind and hills plus the firstsix days of riding have my legs feeling a but sore and tired.

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