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Day Seven

My plans has been for a rest day today but nothing really worked out.Instead I put in 50 miles in this lovely rolling area of North Florida.

When I rolled into Monticello I was greeted by a huge farmers market. Justwhat I needed, I stocked up on really inexpensive fruits vegetables, andlocal peanuts. It was not quite as good as my 7 bananas for 35 cents the daybefore, but it will do nicely.

Last nights stay in Greenville was really a treat. It us a very bikefriendly town, and while there is not much to do the locals are warm andfriendly. I can't thank Michael and his wife enough for their warmhospitality. Michael makes a killer homemade cream cheese that reallyhelped power the day.

Tomorrow I hope to do a short day, catch up on images and drink some freshbrewed coffee. I hear there is a cold front coming so today may have beenthe last of my blue sky days for a while.

Peace & Love


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