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Day 40

Picked up the bike today from the repair shop and all is well.  I have enjoyed Austin but am looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow.  It feels like forever since I rode, even though it was only a 10 day rest.  I have to admit, that is the longest rest period I have taken on a trip, and a bit too long by about 7 days.  Hopping on the bike today it felt like a complete stranger, especially because I rode without the trailer.  It was like a totally new machine, not only because of the repairs, but simply not having a 40 pound trailer waggling behind you.

Luckily the weather is clearing and the forecast is for a nice warming trend.  Heading out into hill country and then into West Texas should be a real challenge.  I have camped in may places, but never the dessert.  While dealing with water is something I am used to, the totally new array of critters, including scorpions, has me a bit on edge.  I don't know how it will affect my camp routine, but I will be sure and pay extra attention to what is around me, especially in the mornings after a long cool night. 

I am stoked and ready to roll, so let the journey continue.....