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Day 52

Camped 4 miles outside of Marathon and about 26 miles from Alpine. I leftnew friends in Sanderson today after a great nights sleep in their apartmentabove their grocery store. The hospitality of small town Texas has justbeen incredible.

The day cleared very early and I had nothing but sun for my steady climb,about 1200 feet of elevation gain. The ride was through the stark anddesolate desert with not much other than the blur sky to add color to thebrown and gray landscape.

At the end of the day I had the sun set right in front of me behind adistant mountain range. It was one of those sunsets where the huge orangeball ever so slowly defends below the horizon.

Off in the distance on one of the larger peaks you can see the dome of theMcDonald Observatory. The stars here keep getting brighter, no lightpollution to diminish their brilliance.

The desert is an interesting place and I have only just begun my journeythrough hundreds of miles of nothingness.

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