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Day 78 - Gila Bend

The storm that had rolled through cleared out nicely. I was up early towatch the sun rise up over the mountain lined desert. It is always aspecial site when you get those blues, pinks and a tint of orange as the sunis working its way up.

The winds were calm and the road flat, a combination guaranteed to producebig miles. Today was no exception and I managed a solid 84 miles beforecalling it quit.

I don't know ho cyclists do this stretch in the warmer months. You go forperiods of 20-30 mile stretches with no services and no shade. Water isgold and if you don't carefully plan your consumption you can find yourselfin a bit of a bind.

The desert is definitely a monotone ride with barely anything to distinguishone mile from the next. This is definitely a great time for music androadside junk analysis. For example, why must truckers pee in plasticbottles and then toss them out onto the road? It makes for a horrible messthat is needless. They could simply throw them away with the rest if theirtrash and eliminate the roadside blight.

I camped in a rest area on the east side of town, cooking dinner in theparking lot and then moving out into open land after dark. It was a solidday that got me ever closer to the Pacific coast.

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