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Day 94 - Urban LA

Once again a big thanks to Carl and Karen for their warm hospitality. Itwas a real honor to meet them and here about Carls pretty amazing bikingadventures.

I got off to a reasonable start with Carl once again leading the way. Wetook the leisurely route along the beach which was a great way to start theday. As we approached the pier it was clear that something was going on,either a movie or a TV show. It turned out to be the filming of an episodefor the show Criminal Minds. It was amazing to see how much effort andinfrastructure was needed to do something like that.

Next up we found the streets closed as this coming weekend is the Toyotarace series. It was press day today which meant the cars were rippingaround the tracks and the grand stands were open. I can only imagine howcool it must be on race day because just this little show today was amazing.

Carl dropped me off at the entrance to the LA river trail, a bike path thatruns close to 20 miles along side the river. For those of you that havenever seen the LA river, it is quite different from what you might expect.This is a large manmade structure composed entirely of concrete that funnelsthe water from north to south finally ending in the Long Beach/LA harbor.While the river is not that scenic, the bike path is perfect for workingyour way up towards downtown LA. The mixture of beautiful wildlife flyingaround you and the homeless tent camps provides for a stark reminder of howmany people in this country are still really hurting.

I was on my way to meet up with fellow Fargo fan Errin. We had met over thenet and I was excited to see his new Titanium Fargo and to puck his brain onultra light biking techniques and gear. Errin is riding the Tour Dividerace this summer and he has put together a really sweet Fargo build. He waskind enough to let me take it fir a spin and I must say, the Titanium isamazing and it made me not sleep at all as I dreamed of touring on an ultralight setup.

That had been my original plan but I deviates to the route of towing a BOB.While my kit is light, when you have a trailer ir panniers I thing that nomatter how hard you try, you still carry more stuff than you need. I am nowcommitted more than ever to doing a portion of my tour with a trailer freebike packing type setup. If nothing else it will reinforce living simply aswell as making those mountain passes way more enjoyable to cross.

As for the Titanium Fargo I guess I now have something to dream about.

Thanks Errin and Serbrina for hosting me. It was a pleasure to finally meetyou. I will post a link to Errin's website later this week where you canfind great tips on bike stuff as well as follow along as he prepares for theTour Divide race this coming June.

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