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Happy New Year

I am not sure what is in store for me in 2017, but I do know, this little pup will continue to be a huge part of my life.  We spent January 2nd out on the beach, watching the waves crash and chasing a brightly colored little ball.  I think there is much to be learned from the joy and jest for life that Rue brings to everything that she does.

So here is to 2017 and the life of a Border Collie.  May the year bring you all much peace and happiness and all the love you desire.

Winter in Maine on a windswept beach.  | Sony A7Rii - Zeiss 50/1.4

The quest for a complete strap system

I think most photographers have serious gear issues -- not only with regards to Cameras and Lenses but also with accessories.  Specifically bags and straps.  While I won't even begin to go into my bag issues, I am now looking to sort out my strap system.

For too long I have wanted a quick and easy way to switch out straps across my cameras.  There are times when I love having a wrist strap, but then want to switch out to a sling.  Some times I have a super light setup going and don't need a big strap, but then at other times, I have a heavier setup and want to switch to an appropriate strap.

So, in my quest to solve my issues, I am making an investment into the Peak Designs systems.  I love the idea of the quick connectors along with their diverse set of straps/slings and wrist straps.  I will have a running dialogue on what I find and how this works, but for now I have made the investment to put quick connects on my bodies and L plates and have acquired the Slide; the Slide Lite; and the Clutch.  So far my impressions are very, very positive. 

Below is a comparison of the Slide and the Slide Lite, with the latter attached to the Leica Q.  I think for that small mirrorless body both the Lite and the Clutch will be absolutely perfect.

Next is an image of the A7Rii with the Zeiss 55/1.8 attached using the Slide strap.  With this lens combination I think it is right on the edge of being too much.  However, with the 90 Macro or even the 55 plus the battery grip, the heavier strap just feels more comfortable than the Lite version.  I will update this post with more information as I get to spend time with each of the combinations.  For now, I am definitely very pleased.

Paddlequest 1500 Passes Through

I had the privilege of meeting up with John Connelly as he transitioned out of the Canadian Maritimes and into the beautiful waters of Down East Maine.  John is on an amazing trip, covering more than 1500 miles by Canoe and Kayak.  It is worth checking out his site and his IG feed.  Best of luck John and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Land Run 100

Looking for a little daily inspiration.  Spend 2:56 seconds of your day today and watch this little speech.  For all you 2016 DK riders, here you go!!

The Sony A7rii - A new piece of adventure kit

There are plenty of reviews out there regarding the A7rii and all of its pros and cons.  So for me, I will simply use some images to showcase what this little camera can do.  After a week or so of usage, I am definitely impressed.  It still has the normal 'Sony' issues, but I must say, all in all it seems to be a solid package.  

This series was shot using the 55/f1.8 Zeiss lens at sunset.  Exposures range from .8 seconds to 6 seconds.

Coconino 250

I have finally gotten my photo essay online of my bikepacking trip on the Coconino 250 loop.  A stunning and somewhat challenging loop in Northern Arizona that takes you through forested pines, high alpine trails, dessert sand, and beautiful slick rocks.  This is a must do loop and one that I look forward to revisiting in the future.  

My bike of choice for this trip was the amazing Salsa Cycles spearfish.  Fast and nimble, it was absolutely the perfect rig for this trip.  Everything was photographed on my Leica Monochrome and a single 50mm Summilux.  Forcing myself to shoot with a single lens and in black and white was definitely one of my most rewarding photo expeditions.