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The day my Nikon D3 died

Dear customer:

We have received your product and approval to repair it.  We initially indicated we would be able to service your product.  Unfortunately, after attempting to repair it, we have found your product is beyond economical repair do to CORROSION.



Nikon Services


Well, this is the letter, along with my D3,  I just received today from Nikon Service regarding  my $5000 Nikon D3 which was injured during the Inside Passage trip. I had sent the body back to Nikon a month ago in hopes that it was only minor damage.  However, as this note indicates, things were worse that I thought. Wow, getting this note is such a bummer and sure to test my faith in the universe.  I was very much looking forward to having that body for my Atlantic trip.  It is certainly  moments like these that are challenging to living in the Now :-)

Anyone want to donate a D3 or D3s?