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Thoreau - Lost and Profound

As the site continues it's movement towards speaking of Living Simply; Adventure;  and  Spirituality ('Universal One-Ness'), I ran across this Henry Thoreau quote the other day, jotted it down, and now want to share it with you:

"So far as my experience goes, travellers generally exagerate the difficulties of the way.  Like most evil, the difficulty is imaginary; for what's the hurry?  If a person lost would conclude that after all he is not lost, he is not beside himself, but standing in his own old shoes on the very spot where he is, and that for the time being he will live there; but the places that have known him, they are lost, -- how much anxiety would vanish.  I am not alone if I stand by myself. Who knows where in space this globe is rolling? Yet we will not give ourselves up for lost, let it go where it will." - Thoreau