Glenn Charles


Photographer/Videographer specializing in Life Style, Travel, and Aerial Imagery.  FAA 107 Certified for sUAS flight operations throughout the US.  Fully insured.  Videography work is limited to Aerial productions.

Based in Maine (May-December) and SWFL (Jan - April). Available for travel year round.


A new friend of mine, someone that impacted my life greatly, shared a piece of his writing with me, and with his permission I want to share it with you all:


He has nothing,

           Yet he has everything.

We have everything,

            Yet have nothing.

He sees beauty in people,

            And rarely judge others.

We see beauty in things,

            And rarely aren’t judgmental

He frequently knows real pain,

           Yet easily forgive others.

We confuse inconvenience as pain,

            Yet expect others to easily forgive us.

His love is unconditional,

            And his needs have no strings attached.

Our love is all too often conditional,

            And tailored to fit our needs.

 His future is unsure,

            Yet he plows into time.

Our futures are assured,

            Yet time plows into us.

 He lives life daily,

            And daily life tests his way.

Our way is tested rarely,

            And yet life we rarely live.          

He has nothing,

            Yet gave more than he received.

We gave everything,

            Yet received far more than we gave.           



                                             By:  DB Waldman