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Alternatives to the Lost Coast?

I posted an entry a couple of weeks ago about the potential for a solo Bike/Pack-Raft trip along the entire Lost Coast in Alaska, from Icy Straits all the way to Anchorage.  This route has been done in sections before, but never in one long stretch, and I don't think ever solo.  While this remains my first pick for a long distance bike/pack-raft trip, I am still evaluating other options.  I am soliciting ideas from readers on other equally challenging locations, primarily in North America.  If you have any thoughts, please post a comment to this thread.

Newfoundland has also held my interest ever since reading Greg Stamer's account of his 2008 solo circumnavigation of the island.  Paddling over 1300 miles, Greg completed the trip in an amazing 44 days.  Do the math, that is an incredible pace.  A solo circumnavigation of the island is definitely big on my list, so as the summer ends, I will begin making a final decision.  Feel free to throw in your thoughts.