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Micro Adventure Day 2

The day started with clouds, wind and a gentle mist. I took my time breaking camp, using this as an opportunity to repack some of my kit. While it promised to be blustery, I had no idea what was in store for me.

I am mostly working the small country roads since most British roads have zero shoulder to ride on. I made my way into a small village, bought some water and fruit and then headed out.

My route brought me to a larger road that I was forced to work my way onto. As I made the turn , the large trucks began to buzz me and the winds began to really kick up. I looked up to see a huge white wall of water rapidly approaching. Because it all happened so quickly I had no time to put on any rain gear. By the time I had thrown on a jacket I was drenched and the rain was now blowing sideways.

I had no choice but to push on directly in to the storm. I struggled to pedal in a straight line the wind was so strong, the rains drops stinging my face. Couple that with the speeding trucks and I was in a lousy situation.

I finally made a turnoff for a small village and went in search of a place to dry out. I was soaked and completely chilled to the core.The best I could do was a little bus stop that Fargo and I proceeded to take o er. Gear was everywhere and I pulled out my stove to make some hot coffee. Needless to say this was not how I envisioned cycling to Scotland...

The day only got marginally better, with very strong winds coupled with rain and then sun. This mix continued all day forcing me to quit a bit early.

Now, stealth camping on the edge of the water, staring up at the bright moon and big dipper, in warm clothes, under a tarp and a full belly -- well, it is now that I understand why I do such crazy things.

So, how is 2012 starting for you?