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Nikon D800

At long last Nikon has released the much anticipated successor to the aging D700.  They have released two versions of the camera with the distinction being the D800E has the anti-aliasing filter removed.  This will theoretically provide much sharper images for those seeking fine detail images such as landscape photographers.  As is now customary with new camera releases, Nikon produced a video showcasing the low light video qualities of the D800.  From what I can tell, this is nothing short of amazing.  When you watch the video, pay attention to the low light skin tones as the bike works its way through the streets. 

For adventure travelers, this is obviously not going to fit into the world of 'ultra-light' but Nikon has made the camera smaller and lighter than the D700.  It is my belief that if you need this type of image quality and already have an investment in Nikon glass, this is a great candidate for travel photographers.  More details on the camera can be found on Nikon's site.  Amazon is now taking pre-orders and you can help me out by using my Amazon links when placing your order.

Joy Ride from Sandro on Vimeo.