Glenn Charles

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Today I am a Time Traveler with a Camera... Tomorrow, who knows

Making It Happen

Making it happen

There are many people that talk about the power of the individual and their connectedness with the the universe as a means for making "it" happen. I guess as I sit here and ponder my current life, that is exactly what I have been able to do. My desire to live life as a traveling vagabond has come to fruition.

While my path is not without it's challenges and personal ups and downs, there is no doubt about what I have been able to achieve. To those looking on from the outside my life must appear completely at ease and perhaps somewhat cush.

The reality -- lots of unknowns, tough choices and often, daily uncertainty. From money to no money and on and on.... Where will I go, how will I make it work, what does today hold versus tomorrow. All of these are questions and issues that I live with on a daily basis and yet they are generally shielded from outside eyes. The reality is that while I am at piece with myself and have an unshakeable belief in the Universe to make things right, their are many moments where angst creeps in and then must be pushed out -- slowly, patiently, replaced with a smile and the knowledge that all is right in the world. I am exactly where I was meant to be at this exact moment in time.   So my friend, are you.

Peace & Love