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Today I am a Time Traveler with a Camera... Tomorrow, who knows

A bit of color

No matter what is going on in my life, an opportunity to get out on the bike is guaranteed to clear my head and my soul.  Yesterday I put down the Monochrome and grabbed the little Nikon AW1 for our afternoon/evening ride.  Unseasonably warm temps made for a wonderful ride along the back roads and the rough shoreline of the Bold Coast. 

The AW1 is not a bad camera, with some nice features, but some of the 'usability' decisions that Nikon made, largely for underwater use, can make it a frustrating camera at times.  As with all things, it is about tradeoffs; does the camera and its capabilities out weigh any issues, whether those be IQ or Useability related.  Still, for just taking snapshots in all types of conditions, it is a nice little camera.  Because of its weather and shock proofing, I am able to carry the camera on the Black Rapid sling as I ride and simply swing it around when the shot is at hand.  I have a review coming on that strap setup which I really enjoy for active pursuits.