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An update on the Delorme issue

A while ago I wrote about my experience with the Delorme inReach unit and the overall frustration I had with the pairing issue.  I received an email yesterday from a friend who describes this solution:

It works every time if you forget the device in the ios and re-pair it from scratch. That's the workaround we came up with. It sucks but it's livable. For the money it's still the best bet. If you need step-by-step let me know. I suspect you got it.  Just now tried the newest update and they seem to have fixed the issue. Won't hold my breath though. Like I said I found the work around to be worth the effort.

I vaguely remember trying this, but to be honest, I had gotten so frustrated with the whole pairing issue that I just gave up.  I will pull my unit out, do the latest FW upgrade, which by the way Delorme describes as a Critical Update, and then report back.  If you have had success with this please leave a comment.