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And So It Begins

D800E waiting to be shipped

D800E waiting to be shipped

I wrote the other day that making this switch and waiting for its arrival was akin to being back in High School when you asked out that beautiful girl in your class, over and over again, until finally she says yes.  Will she be everything you dreamed she would be, or will it be a bust... Well, that is about how I feel right now as the switch to Leica from my beloved Nikon gear is now complete.  I have sold off everything, all my Zeiss lenses, my Nikon D800E (sitting in the background waiting to be shipped) and any other of the myriad of small bits and bobs I had laying around of value.

Today, she arrived, all dressed in black, devoid of any tell tale markings, especially that bright red dot.  The ultimate in stealth, shooting only shades of gray, I take my last color picture for a while as I begin the journey of shooting solely in gray scale and with the simplicity and elegance of an all manual rangefinder camera.  To say I am excited is an understatement. 

Road trip begins in a few hours and the batteries are charging and I am ready to go.  The first 7 days will give me a chance to shoot people, landscapes, the coastal regions and some city scapes.  All in all it will be a great introduction to life with the Leica Monochrome.