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Change of Plans

After much research and discussion with folks that live and ride up in Alaska, I have moved the dates of my winter Fat Bike expedition from Dec-Feb to Feb-March.  This will allow for more daylight (December has about 5-6 hrs a day) and somewhat less extreme temps.  The goal remains the same: fly in to Anchorage, put the Mukluk together, and go explore the wintery wonderland that is central Alaska.

This change will mean that I have some time to travel a bit in  December-January and possibly still put on the UL Winter Bikepacking/Bourbon/Craft Brewery trip that I had previously mentioned (Details in the works.).  The world of winter Fat is growing and there are some great events being put on in the US that I would love to attend.  Not the least of which is the Fat Bike Summit out in Idaho.  Wow, what a beautiful place to go cycle. If I can make the dates line up I hope to make it out there.