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Fatbike Generator Hub

The 135mm spacing world of Fatbikes has felt overly neglected by the lack of a front generator hub.  Having a generator hub has been immensely popular over the years to touring cyclists all over the world.  The ability to generate power for a light and for your electronics, makes travel so much easier.

In the world of Fatbikes, especially in winter, this has been a key missing component to those that venture out into the extremes.  Cyclists have been creating home-brew solutions to keep batteries warm and functioning in the battery life sucking cold temperatures.  Well, yesterday, I got to hold one of the first Schmidt Son 135mm spaced hubs in production. 

The unit was a work of art, highly polished, and ready for testing.  I don't have the details on a release date, but I was told this was a near production ready unit, so I am making the assumption that mass production will be here by the fall.  I am working to get more details, so stay tuned.  I know for me, this will be part of a wheel build for my next Fatbike expedition.