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Fresh Snow, Ice, & Sand

Finally, a chance to get out, clear my head, and do some riding.  I love how the snow reaches down to the ocean, wiped away a bit more each day with the ebb and flow of the tide.  A great place to ride you can easily dance between the snow and the sand, pick your poison, enjoy what you want.


The 35 Lux arrived yesterday and I can already see why this is the most popular FOV on a rangefinder.  It just fits!, really very nice.  The sun was out, and trying to shoot wide open required the new B&W ND filters.  A 3 stop was not enough so I resorted to the 6 stop.  It is nice that you can stack them if needed. 


This was really the first chance at getting out and riding with the Monochrome.  I think the weight & bulk is perfect for the bike.  These are just quick snaps, nothing special, but boy, I do love this setup!  Carried the gear today in the Lowepro 10L bag.  Overkill, but very nice with how it swings around your body and creates a bit of working space for switching lenses, installing filters, or cleaning gear.  I took one small spill and the pack protected everything just fine.