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Full Load Test Ride

3 plus hours today in -12 degree temps.  A combination of beach, snow, ice and road with hills.  It was a solid workout, with my winter clothing performing flawlessly.  I am not concerned in the least about that portion of the trip.

I posted today that the loaded bike, sans Food and all of my fuel, came in at 64 pounds.  I need to recheck that number because it seems a bit high based on weights of individual components.  What excites me the most is that my 'Base' winter weight is right around 13-15 pounds.  That is the weight of the minimal amount of kit that I need to set off on the trail w/o food, fuel, and water.  Why does that excite me, well beyond the fact that it is a very light weight, it means my summer weight will be approaching 10 pounds!!  Now that is light!!

I will have a detailed gear breakdown later but for now here is a bit of info for you gear geeks :-)

Note: This is not how I will completely load out the bike, but with that said, the Handlebar Bag and Right Pannier are exactly how they will be loaded.


Handle Bar Bag - 6.5 Lbs (Trip Loading)

  • 0 Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Synthetic Insulation Pants
  • Synthetic Insulation Parka

Right Rear Pannier - 6.4 Lbs (Trip Loading)

    • Shelter
    • Stakes
    • Pole
    • Bivy Sack
    • Neo Air X-Therm Pad
    • Ground Cloth
    • Spare Clothes (VBL Socks, Camp Socks, Buffs, Gloves, R1 hoody, ...)
    • Synthetic Insulation Vest
    • Fuel Bottle (Empty)

    Left Rear Pannier - (This will be food and cook, but was not weighed)

    • 2 Full Nalgene Water Bottles in insulators 5.8 Lbs
    • MSR Stove/Cook Kit
    • MSR Large Fuel Bottle - 3/4 Full

    Rear Rack

    • Thermarest Pad
    • Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Frame Bag

    • Empty Fuel Bottle
    • Storm Pants
    • Pump

    Seat Post Bag

    • Emergency Ditty Bag (Knife, tools, string, tape, fire starter, light...)

    Handle Bar Camera Bag

    • DSLR
    • Spare Lens
    • Nano Puff