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Helping out

Spring is here and everyone is beginning to think of their upcoming summer travels.  If you are in need of new photography gear, I have updated my Amazon store with the latest offerings from Sony and Fuji.  I have been a long time user of the Sony NEX system and am in the process of adding some of the new Fuji X system kit to my ultra lite photo kit.

My buddy Dan Bailey recently upgraded his Fuji X10 to the new Fuji X20 and he loves it.  Dan is a full frame Nikon shooter, but always has the little Fuji strapped across his chest for any quick-draw shooting that may pass his way.  I got the chance to play with Dan's little X10 and I was very impressed.  I think if you are looking for the ultimate small travel camera then you really have to consider the Fuji X20 as one of the top two offerings, the other being the little Sony RX100.