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Lists, lists, lists

I am hoping to share the in depth process that I go through before each of my adventures begins.  I think that for many people, the daunting task of 'where do i begin' stops many folks from actually pushing through with their dreams.  My goal is to show that while it can be a bit daunting, there is no real rocket science in getting prepared. 

For me, the beginning stages of a trip are always a free form flow of thoughts that I put down in list form.  Over the course of several days, I focus on creating this list and not worrying about solutions; instead I am just trying to capture the world of potential.  Yesterday as I drove to the October Gales rough water kayaking event I created my first list. 

Here you go:

- Bike light
- Headlamp
- Batteries
- Base layer
- Booties
- Shelter (4 season v. UL)
- Navigation
- Comms
- Route
- Drop zones, Gen delivery
- Extending warmth
- Food
- Front or rear rack if I go with 4 season tent.  Salsa Minimalist Rack
- Contingency plans
- Exit strategies
- Soft shell/hard shell debate
- Rear rack v. Seatbag
- Water insulation
- Goggles
- Stove parts kit
- New saddle
- Memory cards
- Electronics
- Nex lens
- Wireless HD
- Charging?

This is just a random stream of thoughts, ideas, gear needs, perceived gear needs, questions in my mind and or real issues.  The list will grow and contract over the next week or two.  I will then set about sorting out what are actual issues and what are just random thoughts or perceived needs.  For my upcoming trip, I am trying to go with mostly existing kit, although their are a few things that I will need to add.  Feel free to chime in with questions, comments, or your thoughts as this list progresses.