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Missing Fargo Love

Oh wow, I have just been flat out busy the last two weeks and I missed my Fargo Love posts.  First up is the Fargo in bikepacking mode touring the Lakes district in the UK.  I used my Porcelain Rocket handlebar, frame, and seat bags, along with a makeshift bit of kit for the Salsa Anything cages.  It was a very rainy and dreary day making for some tough riding.  I stopped at a bike shop right on the lake and bought my first Endura piece of kit.  Absolutely brilliant kit for the foul weather. 

Next up, same trip, wild camping in some remote woods.  Finding spots to wild camp in England was at times challenging.  In some stretches, especially in the low lying Fends, there were no trees to tuck into. Here I found a nice little spot to string my original silnylon tarp and get out of the wind. I have now switched to the HMG cuben fiber tarps which are simply awesome.  To me there is nothing like the simplicity of learning to camp with a Tarp. 

Short of completely exposed, high wind regions, you can set up a tarp just about anywhere and get yourself completely out of the elements.