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Monochrome Detail

There is a lot of chatter about how the Leica Monochrome files come out of the camera 'Flat'.  I would tend to agree that the DNG default curve applied to these files is definitely of a linear nature.  However, I have found two things while working with these files for the past month.  First, they are very, very workable, either in LR alone or a combination of LR and Silver Effex Pro.  Second, the amount of detail in these files, especially in the shadow areas is nothing short of amazing.

Here is a before and after image with the before file representing my standard MM Lightroom Import settings.  A small amount of contrast, a slight curve, clarity and sharpening are all applied on import.  From there I do my basic adjustments in the LR development module and then import the files into SEP where I have tremendous control over the entire B&W file.

File as imported into Lightroom w/base adjustments applied


Processed in Lightroom and Silver Effex Pro