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Today I am a Time Traveler with a Camera... Tomorrow, who knows

New York, Vermont, Maine

I am up at the Canal Conference on the scenic shores of Lake Onatario where I will give a presentation on the the amazing Spare Seat expedition and the iconic waters that Richard and I paddled through.  I am looking forward to sharing images, words and a bit of video so that those in attendance can get a feel for just how amazing this trip was.  Hopefully this will lead to a return trip in 2013.

After finishing up tomorrow I head out for points unknown, just me, the Mukluk, my camera, and a packraft, hoping to find some beautiful and pristine locations to explore along the way.  No route, no time frame, just a meandering 5 day journey to clear the mind and free the soul.  Pics, and stories coming as they unfold.

Peace -