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Nikon AW1 - Real Life Testing

The new Nikon AW1 arrived today in time for the Gales.  I was also able to acquire the external casing, so I will be able to put it through its paces this weekend.  Shooting from a boat, the Kayak and on shore, I should get a very good feel for how the camera performs.   

My initial build impressions are very high.  The body seems well made and I like the locking switches for the battery and memory card compartment.  They came up with a very creative way to mount the lens and create a seal which I will talk about later in detail. 

My only negative so far is that Nikon went with a different battery.  Now instead of the same tried and true battery that works in the D800 and the V1.  Arghh, now I need a new set of batteries and one more stinking charger to carry!!