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Nikon Coolpix A


There have not been a ton of glowing reviews on this camera so far, with most people feeling that Nikon was late to the game and a little short in delivery. However, Ming Thein just posted his review, and while he has issues with the usability of the camera, he appears to be blown away by the IQ from the sensor/lens combo, comparing it to results from the Leica M9/ 28/2.8 ASPH or 28/2 ASPH combinations.  Pretty impressive for a camera/lens combo that cost thousands of dollars less than the Leica combo. 

Because I am looking for something that is incredibly pocketable, think fit in my bike jersey pocket, the Coolpix really had me excited when it was announced.  With Ming's reviews, I think I will have to rent one and check it out for myself.

Check out his review here:

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