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Nikon V1 + FT1 + Zeiss 50/2


I am very much enjoying the little Nikon V1, a camera that I think is highly under rated.  It is small, light, fast, and flexible.  The images that come out of the little beast have a character to them that I just love.  This is especially true of the Jpeg B&W that the camera renders.   


Having just received the FT1 adapter in time for the Gales event and the Nikon 70-200/4, I am playing with the FT1/Zeiss combination to see what types of images I can make.  There are definitely some issues, such as a bit of chromatic abberation and some color fringing, but in general, I love what I am seeing. While the B&Ws that come out of the camera are very nice, taking a moment to process the raw files through Nik is producing images that I am extremely pleased with. 

Currently I have the camera set to shoot Raw + Jpeg in B&W mode.  Since LR does not recognize Nikon Raw profiles, you get the Jpegs in B&W and the Raw files in Color.  This results in not only a way to 'pre-visualize' in B&W but the flexibility to just grab the small Jpeg files in the field and use them w/o any editing.