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Quick Q Update

After two weeks with the Q I can say without a doubt it is the real deal; all the reviews were correct; it is the best single lens compact camera I have ever shot.  Amazing build quality, stunning IQ and lightning fast AF all in a small compact body.  For the most part, I have put down my M240 and have only been shooting with either the Q or the Monochrom.  With the release and now readily available set of reviews on the SL, I am beginning to re-think my overall kit strategy.  More on that at another time.

I had previously mentioned that one of the only negative things I had to say about the Q was the way it was held in the hand.  Leica's little thumb indent helps, but the body still has just a bit too much heft to make that a stable platform for holding the camera.  There are a couple of options for remedying this including buying Leica's own grip; buying one of the JB Camera Design grips; and adding the new Thumbs Up adapter.  

I currently have these Thumbs Up adapters on my M240 and my Monochrom, so going that route was a natural first step.  The adapter arrived yesterday in the standard beautiful packaging. The adapter itself is meticulously machined and fits the Q like a glove, giving the hand a rock solid hold on the camera.  While I will still add a JB grip, this is a great first step and enhancing the feel and ergonomics of the mighty Q.