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The Forbes $126 Billion Dollar Photograph

What happens when you bring together some of the top Philanthropists in the World.  That is exactly what Forbes did for this amazing shot.  The group, made of of 12 of the richest billionaires of the world, represents all the good of those that choose to give. 

To me, the most amazing thing is the commitment of these individuals to do good, and change the world, realizing that the money that they have is more than they could ever need.  Warren Buffet alone is giving away more than 99% of his wealth and there is no denying the amount of good done by the Bill and Melinda Foundation.  Giving, yes giving, that is what it is all about and is surely one of the paths to a better society.

It begs the question for those of us that are not worth Billions of dollars.  How, with what we have, can we give, give, give and make a difference.  A commitment on each of our parts to give more than we take is sure to make the world a better place.