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The Leica Q

My search for high quality, full frame, fixed lens 'grab' camera has now ended.  While the Sony RX1 came close, it was a Sony, with all the issues that come with that...  After reviewing everything there was on the Q and spending a weekend with my good friend Brady and his trusty little beast, I made the plunge.  

Selling off my Nikon gear I am now officially 'All In' with Leica.  The advent of the Q and now the SL gives me the opportunity to have  a single system ranging from a small compact (Q), to traditional rangefinders (MM & M240), film(tbd), and state of the art interchangeable mirrorless bodies (SL), all capable of using the magnificent line of Leica Glass.

What follows is a visual tour of my first weekend shooting the camera.  I had the chance to shoot this in every possible way including from the hip on a bike to night time street shots all the way to more contemplative image making.  I can say without a doubt that this is the real deal and is no way a product of the Red Dot hype. 

 Stunning image rendering from the fixed Leica lens

Stunning image rendering from the fixed Leica lens