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Trusting in the Path

I find that introspection seems to come to me at the end of trip. As I begin the process of packing and preparing for my departure, the inevitable question of "What Next?" Begins to resonate ever so loudly in my thoughts. The peace and tranquility of the trail begin to fade ever so quickly. I was reading some old journal entries and found this one, written September 22, 2012, and felt it was a bit more than chance that it popped up on my screen.

If you have been blindly following the path, wherever it leads you and to date the path has been very very good to you. Well, why then would you want to begin controlling the path. Why would you lose faith in the paths ability to take you where you are meant to be. Better yet, why would you suddenly presume that you can control the path. These are thoughts I struggle with when I look to the future.