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Today I am a Time Traveler with a Camera... Tomorrow, who knows

Wandering... Searching...Seeing

I went in search of something the other day, although I had absolutely no idea of what it was.  Camera in hand with only a single lens and a 6 inch mini pod, I set out in search of the unknown, yet known.  If that makes sense to you then you are with me, if not, it will have to wait for another post :-)

I headed out to some of my normal summer shooting grounds, confident that I would find that which I was seeking.  As is often the case in life, when we are looking the hardest, we generally fail to find that which we seek.  Today was to be no different.... I searched, watched, sat, contemplated and searched some more.  All to no avail, the image I was seeking was no where to be found.

I headed back to town, when right at the last minute I felt a tug, a pulling, and quickly pulled over and hopped out of the car.  Still not knowing what it was, I grabbed my camera and my bag and began to wander around this old dilapidated salt factory, a location that I had already walked by countless times before this summer and never given it a second thought. For whatever reason, today was different and I quickly found out why.

The building is run down, falling down, disintegrating on a daily basis.  In the back, the building is exposed to the elements and it is here that I came upon the thing that I was searching for.  An image, just a simple image, but one worthy of taking and showing off.

The mood, and the building dictated that the image be B&W.  There is no color here, only texture, light, dark, and shades of gray that fall between.