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Weight Update

These are official weights:

Weight Breakdown:

Kit Base Weight (Shelter, Sleep, Cook)    10.30445997 (AWESOME!!)
Winter Clothing (Additional, not on me)    7.517802421 (GOOD)
Water/Fuel    6.856412178 (IS WHAT IT IS)
Bike Tools/Emergency Kit/Lights    2.852796578 (OK)
Bike Bags    10.39264534 (YIKES -- Racks, Panniers, Camera Bag, Pogies are > 7lbs)
Bike w/o bags and racks 27.5 (AWESOME!!)
Bike with Bags    37.89264534  
Total Bike Weight w/o Food    65.42

This does not include camera gear, electronics, spare batteries or food.  I expect the number to reach 100 lbs total weight which is a bit scary for me, but individually, everything looks excellent.  It just all adds up and I don't think there is anything that I will be able to do about that!!